The Sewing Room

Sewing Room
We are making progress on the sewing room. Jeff built me heavy-duty base cubes out of high-density laminate. It is thick and extremely heavy. I painted it with some paint I had custom tinted. I bought 3 quarts of 3 different shades of the grey paint that is on the walls. Luckily, it took less that 1 quart to completely paint the base. Since it was meant to fit tightly in the space, we struggled a little to get it in place, but it's in there!

Jeff also made me some dowel holders that he mounted in the side of the closet after I painted them a darker shade of grey. I loaded my ribbon spools on two of the dowels and I am glad to report that I have an entire empty dowel to load with more ribbon, if I so desire. Once that was completed, I put my wire IKEA drawers on top of the base and had plenty of room to stack the canvas boxes I also got from IKEA.

Sewing RoomSewing RoomI had a fun afternoon loading the drawers with fabrics as well as the cubes. We even re-used one of the wire shelves from the closet organizer that used to live in this closet.

The last thing, was the closet doors. Even though this is supposed to be a standard sized closet, the opening was a little smaller than standard. When there were sliding doors on the closet, it didn't matter but with the folding doors, Jeff had to cut just under half an inch off of each side of the doors. So I got out my white enamel paint I used on my bench and touched up the edges that were cut off. Once installed, it made the whole room look better and neater. Even though I do like to look at all that fabric.