All Chloe all the Time

Chloe Evelyn
Not many projects getting done this year but it sure is fun playing with Chloe.  Maybe I will fit some sewing in sometime soon. But for now, who could resist spending time with this little cutie?


Baby Chloe's First Quilt (from Grandma)

Chloes QuiltBaby Chloe's room is decorated in her mother's favorite green and there is pink too because after all, she is a baby girl. Everything is pink and green. And since we all love kitties, I found this fabric with kitties, and pinks, and greens. How perfect, just like baby Chloe. So here is her first quilt from grandma..


Shoes for Chloe

My daughter, Bailee made these adorable little shoes for her daughter. She got the pattern from Etsy and had fun making a bunch. I think she could sell them pretty easily since they are so cute.


My New Granddaughter

New Granddaughter
Chloe Evelyn
There is nothing better than spending my birthday with my beautiful new baby granddaughter, Chloe Evelyn.  She was born on February 18th so that makes her not quite 2 weeks old today.  I am so glad she is here with us.
Blanket made by my friend, Midge