Square in a Square Quilt

I have so much donated children's fabrics that I think I will never run out!

Whenever I run out of ideas for projects or if I'm between projects, I like to whip these up. They are easy to make and help me use up my very large stash of whimsical fabrics.

I love creating these when I'm in a creative slump. It makes me feel productive.

This will go to Quilts for Kids.


Little Girl Quilt

I made this quilt from a panel and some scrap fabrics left over from some of my other quilts. I didn't use a pattern or any instructions, I just winged it.

I really like the scrappy strips on the sides of this quilt.

This quilt will go to Quilts for Kids.


Postage Stamp Quilt

I made another postage stamp quilt from my leftover scraps. I keep a ziploc bag filled with 2" x 7" strips of scrap fabrics and when the bag gets pretty full, I stitch them together. I'm always amazed that they turn out so cute even though many of the fabrics don't really go together.

This one will go to Quilts for Kids.


Five Nights at Freddie's Travel Bag

After completing a small travel tote for one of my granddaughters, I had to make another for her sister. My oldest granddaughter has much different taste compared to her younger sister. One of her favorite things is the five nights at freddie's characters.

These horror-genre characters are not something that's available like Disney characters. So I had to improvise. I went online and downloaded photos of the fnaf characters and made a grouping of the photos.

I printed the grouping onto a piece of muslin using my little photo printer. I took the muslin fabric pieces and incorporated them into the travel bag. It turned out almost cute - I say almost because they are horror characters - ha ha!


Free-Motion Quilted Baby Quilt

I quilted this adorable baby quilt for a client today. The fabric is absolutely adorable. It's fabric I've never seen before and the client stated that she purchased it while she was up north on vacation. So I guess I won't be able to go looking for it around here.


Old-Fashioned Pieced Basket Quilt

Someone from my church gave our quilt group a quilt top they had purchased at a rummage sale. So our quilt group leader, Judy bought some matching fabric for the backing and she also picked up some batting. I took the quilt to the senior center where they have two longarm quilting machines that are available for use at no charge. I loaded the quilt on one of the longarms and quilted it. This quilt is king size so it took me quite a while to complete the quilting. Judy will get some fabric for the binding and finish up the quilt so we can use it at the church's craft fair that is coming up in March. Hopefully we can raffle it off and make a nice amount of money for the church in the process. I never quilted anything this large, it was quite a challenge for me. So glad to have it done with plenty of time to spare.


Barbie Travel Tote Bag

I modified a pattern I have for a travel bag in order to make it smaller. My granddaughters need travel bags to take on a plane. I wanted them to have bags that are small enough for them to carry themselves without them dragging on the ground.

My goal was also to limit them from taking too many items with them; maybe just their tablets and headphones, some gum and a snack, a stuffed animal and a light jacket. This little beauty turned out to be just the right size. Even filled, it is still light enough for a 5-year old to handle.


What's on the design board?

I've been working on my Easy Addition quilt and I've completed about half of the blocks needed. It sure is fun making these blocks. I love putting the colors together to make each block.

I'm using my new 6600 to do all my piecing. I set up my Elna for free motion quilting and it's been nice not having to switch the feet back and forth. I just leave the quarter-inch foot on the Memory Craft all the time. It so convenient. I feel so lucky to have more than one machine ready to sew on.

I don't think I will get much more sewing done this month. We are taking the family to Disney World in a few weeks and I'm certain prepping for the trip will leave me with little time to do anything else.