April Client Quilts

This month I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend. We met at the quilt shop where we both used to work. The shop had recently moved to a new location so it felt like a good opportunity to see the new shop in a place that was safe. 

We walked the aisles of the shop and there was much more room for fabrics however, it seemed like the fabrics were all pretty old collections that were there when we worked there. And we haven't worked there for over 3 years! We really love the owner, Robert and it was nice to catch up with him but I'm sorry to say I wasn't that thrilled with the shop's offerings. There were a few new quilt samples which were very pretty but too much old carried over to this location. I did purchase some fabrics that has just arrived and no matter what, a trip to a quilt shop is always worth it.

I was happy to see my friend but it was a sad conversation since her son is fighting cancer and had just endured a second bone marrow transplant. During this pandemic, it's only worse for these patients since they have to go through it all alone. There's nothing worse than seeing a mother unable to comfort her child, even when the child is almost 40 years old. 

My friend gave me two quilts to longarm for her. One was a gift for a friend of hers and the other was a baby quilt for an upcoming shower. I always love her color choices and her quilts are always square which makes them a joy to quilt. Here they are: