Red White and Blue Quilts!

I mentioned that I got 18 yards of red white and blue fabrics through a donation. Well, I finally finished some of the quilts from that fabric.  Over the course of a few months I had made the quilt top. I stuck them in a pile to be longarmed and just left them there. 

Last week I had the opportunity to buy a single piece of fabric for 40% off. That's a big deal at the quilt shop so I purchased enough 108" wide backing fabric to complete 4 quilt tops. With 108" wide, I can get 4 quilts on the longarm with just 3 yards of fabric. What a bargain!

It didn't hurt that we're in a deep freeze here in Wisconsin so I wasn't going anywhere so I might as well get quilting.

I used Villa Rosa pattern cards Daybreak, Olympiad, and Phoebe for these quilts. I love those cards, the instructions are easy to follow and straightforward.

I had a great helper. Jordy is getting so big already. He's 4 months old now.

It felt good to finish them.

I still have a little bit of red white and blue fabric to make more and I am happy to say, not many more. 


The January Deep Freeze

Between the snow storms and the below zero temperatures, we knew we would be packing it in at home for a while. We loaded up on groceries before the weather came. I love the feeling of being home, safe, warm and secure. And it's so pretty after it snows. The backyard looks so serene. With temps around 8 below zero, I don't think we will be traipsing around on the patio for a while.

I'm planning on getting some charity quilts started this week. I'm going to take this fat quarter bundle of children's fabrics apart and cut a few quilt kits out of it. There's so many fat quarters that I think I should be able to get at least 3 quilt tops out of it. 

Jeff's favorite college football team, the Michigan Wolverines won the National Championship last night. He is so very excited that they finally won the whole thing! And here he is in his 1997 Championship t-shirt. I was happy to see it still fit - haha!



There's a deep freeze here in Wisconsin that doesn't seem to have an end in sight. So I'm quilting like a maniac.  Yesterday I took out my rolls of batting and cut enough pieces to longarm 6 quilts. Some have the backing and some do not. I'm going to start getting them on the longarm so I can get them off of my to-do list. I used 100% polyester batting for these.

The first quilt I completed was the Wigglebutts quilt top. It was one where the backing was ready. I did an allover meander so the quilt went quickly. And I hand bound it using leftover backing after the quilting was done.

I imagine that someday I will gift this to my neighbor, Sarah. She has a black labrador named Roxy that she loves very much. I've never seen so much dedication to a dog. It's a wonderful thing.

With this deep freeze and no where to go I also made some homemade bread and baked potato soup. My son Brian got us a Lodge dutch oven for Christmas and I've already used it twice. I love it.

Lodge Dutch Oven

Baking and cooking sure make the house feel warm.