May Client Quilts

My co-worker made a baby quilt for herself using fabrics from the shop. Since she used a brand new fabric collection, the quilt will hang as a sample until most of the fabrics are sold. She asked me to quilt it for her so I wanted to so something fun. The fabrics have animals wearing glasses so I found a quilt design with eyeglasses on it. It worked out perfectly.

I had a friend ask me if I would quilt something for her neighbor. She was using Minky on the back so she was worried that no one would want to quilt it. I have no problem with Minky, you just have to know how to load it on a longarmer. I think the important thing is not to use a quilt pattern that is dense since there's so much going on with the Minky. 

I grabbed an unquilted quilt from work and decided to longarm it. It's been sitting at the shop because by the time the sample quilt top was made, the fabric was sold out. It was a pretty busy print so I just did a large swirl pattern over it. Now it can go directly to the sample sale after the binding gets sewed on.