Milwaukee Modern Quilt Club Project

Wisconsin State Fair Entry
I belong to a modern quilt club that meets monthly at our local quilt shop. This winter we decided to create a modern quilt as a group and enter it into the Wisconsin State Fair and possibly the Modern Quilt Show. We decided to use Milwaukee landmarks as our theme and each member of the group chose a local landmark as their quilt block. We used the Modern Quilt Show color palette from a few years ago as our guide in making our blocks.

Over the past month we got together with our blocks, decided on a layout and stitched the blocks together. We all agree that the project is coming along very nicely. We only have a little time left to get the quilt top quilted and bound (July 29th) but we are confident that we will finish in time.


Finished Quilts

This weekend we are having our big neighborhood rummage sale. Sadly, it happens to fall on my Quilts for Kids once-a-month sew day so I will have to miss this month's meeting. I was so looking forward to turning these quilts in. At least I am getting things cleared out of my house...and hopefully making some extra cash. I'm certain any money made will be spent on more fabric - that's just how I roll!


Quilts for Kids - Charm Square Quilt

I found a photo of a quilt on Pinterest and the only description that went along with the photo said that the quilt used charm squares. So I took the little information that I had, cut 5-inch squares of fabric in both a solid and prints and pieced half-square triangles out of them.

I made sure I used 4 different prints so when I made the blocks each one would have 4 unique triangles of floral in them. I cut 3-inch strips of a coordinating fabric to use as sashing and borders and viola! ... a charm square quilt.

I took the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and use fabrics that were floral prints but not necessarily from the same designer. I just made sure that they all had at least one color in common among all the prints. The result was a really cute, cheery, summery looking quilt. Cheery is always my goal when making something for Quilts for Kids.


What's on the design board?

Over the past month I've been working diligently to finish a client project - a quilt and 8 pillow covers. This has left me with little time for other projects. It didn't help that I was sick for half of April and my main sewing machine spent 10 days in the shop...thank goodness for my little backup machine. 

Even though I enjoy making quilts for others, I must say I was a little stressed out about everything going on in my life that was not quilting-related. Plus we are having a neighborhood rummage in early May so I've also been busy digging things up that we no longer need/use to sell next weekend. So now that I've run out of excuses, here's my design board as it currently stands.

I'm using a new book to make the blocks for this next Quilt for Kids quilt. I will write more about that when I've finished the quilt. I have a nice start on this simple block so it shouldn't take me long to finish this one. I also have another QfK quilt ready for quilting and binding so I hope to be finished with that one soon as well.

I really like these monthly posts. They keep me moving forward even though it's usually at a snail's pace.