What's on the design board?

Over the past month I've been working diligently to finish a client project - a quilt and 8 pillow covers. This has left me with little time for other projects. It didn't help that I was sick for half of April and my main sewing machine spent 10 days in the shop...thank goodness for my little backup machine. 

Even though I enjoy making quilts for others, I must say I was a little stressed out about everything going on in my life that was not quilting-related. Plus we are having a neighborhood rummage in early May so I've also been busy digging things up that we no longer need/use to sell next weekend. So now that I've run out of excuses, here's my design board as it currently stands.

I'm using a new book to make the blocks for this next Quilt for Kids quilt. I will write more about that when I've finished the quilt. I have a nice start on this simple block so it shouldn't take me long to finish this one. I also have another QfK quilt ready for quilting and binding so I hope to be finished with that one soon as well.

I really like these monthly posts. They keep me moving forward even though it's usually at a snail's pace.

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