Positive Energy 100 Block QAL

I decided to join a quilt along and I got really excited about it. Then I discovered it happened last year. That explains why the price for the QAL was discounted. Even though it was from a year ago, the files and videos are all still available and the social media posts from the project tell me that many people are still finished their projects. So I'm all in.

After my first week I finished the first 10 blocks. 

And as of today, I finished the second group of 10 blocks. They were pretty easy so far but as I look ahead I see some applique and some bias trimmed blocks to come. I think I will set this project aside for the rest of the weekend and work on something else so I don't burn myself out.

I have a quilt I could longarm now but I'm struggling to pick a quilting design so I think I will let it sit. Instead, I decided to make up this Lori Holt block from her pattern Cut, Press, Sew, Quilt.

This was so quick to put together that I cut out the fabrics to make the Cut and Press blocks. It will be a lot of fun to finish all 4 of the blocks.


Porch Rails Quilt

I purchased a 3-yard fabric bundle a few years back that included a pattern from the Fabric Cafe. Their patterns are made for 3 one-yard cuts of fabrics. During the fall I cut the fabrics and started to piece the quilt top to make a porch rails quilt. I hated how the first block looked. So I took one of the fabrics out and replaced it with a Moda Grunge from my stash. I liked it a lot more.

It didn't take long to finish the quilt top. I don't know why, but I never took the time to quilt it. It was cute so I don't know why I just let it sit. 

Last week I purchased some backing and finally longarmed it. I added another different fabric to make the binding and it's now complete. 


Table Toppers and Upcoming Projects

When every new year comes around I like to try to complete old projects before starting anything new. So far I finished a large applique quilt and some charity quilts that were started last year. 

Now I have some table toppers on my radar to complete. I made them back in spring and quilted them over the summer. And then they sat.

I dug out the binding fabrics and got them done today. It felt good to get them finished.

I will post them to my Etsy page by the end of the week and get them packed away. There's no better feeling than when an old project gets finished.  With these completed, I broke down and started some new things.

This will be a travel tote bag when it's done:

This is Lori Holt's Zippy Bag panel. I can't wait to make these:

And this is a new quilt project:

I do have a few more old projects to complete yet but I felt like I could reward myself by starting some new ones. Haha!


Quilts for Kids Truck Panel Quilts

I was part of a Wednesday afternoon quilt group at the local senior center prior to the pandemic. Once the center closed down, I wasn't sure I would go back. Even though I loved the company of quilting friends, I did not enjoy hauling my heavy machine, quilting tools and projects each week. Our group met from noon until 3 each week and sometimes it felt like I had just got my machine set up when I had to turn around and put everything away. When the center opened back up, I did not return.

My friend Sue always asked if I was coming back as she has been going for the last year. I finally decided to return. In order to make things easier on myself, the first week back I brought my flea market flower quilt and hand stitched the binding on. No machine necessary! It was a nice relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

This week I really wanted to finish some Quilt for Kids projects. I just took them off the longarmer and all that needed to be done was the binding. I ended up hauling my machine. It was a lot to lug but I was happy to get the projects finished. 

I had a bunch of truck themed fabrics that had a panel print. I used my go-to pattern to make quilt tops that incorporated the panels. It was fun to work in such bright cheery colors. 

Even though it wasn't a big deal to pack up my sewing machine and take it to the senior center, I'm still going to try to leave the machine at home.


Flea Market Flowers Sew Along

I started the Flea Market Flowers quilt along back in spring but I didn't get very far. I was interrupted by the need to make a wedding quilt. Once I completed that I was spent on quilting for a while. I hate to make excuses so I knew I had to finish this one and my goal was to get it done before the end of the year.

This quilt pattern is free on Lori Holt's blog. Each week we were to make a Dresden block. It's nice that I can go back to each week's instructions and work the project all the way through even though the quilt along is done.


There were so many flower petals to make. In fact, I counted them. There were 480 Dresden flower petals in all and there were also 68 leaves. 

Even though I did not make the end of year deadline, I did have the quilt top completed by New Year's Eve. That in itself was quite an accomplishment considering my recent appendectomy. But again, no excuses!  These poor lonely quilt blocks have been hanging on my design board all summer long. Not to mention all of fall too.

I finally loaded the quilt on my longarmer on January 3rd. 

I used a pantograph called Citrine for the quilting design.

I sewed the rick rack and the binding on during the week. And I finished the quilt label yesterday. 

Yay! All done...


Salsa and Basketball

Yesterday I finally felt like myself again. So I got up with the attitude that it's a new year so let's start it out right. I am going to get all the summer tomatoes that I blanched and froze out of the freezer and make some salsa. 

That meant washing and sterilizing lots of jars followed by chopping lots of vegetables. 

It was a good day to get this done. I started around 8:30 and I was done by 10:30. That sure felt good. It's been on my to-do list for a while so I was very happy to get it accomplished. My husband was thrilled - it's one of his favorite things. 

We're trying not to push my post-surgical recovery too hard so we went downtown where we enjoyed a nice dinner followed by attending the Milwaukee Bucks game. It's too bad they lost but we had a good time getting out of the house.