Quilts for Kids Truck Panel Quilts

I was part of a Wednesday afternoon quilt group at the local senior center prior to the pandemic. Once the center closed down, I wasn't sure I would go back. Even though I loved the company of quilting friends, I did not enjoy hauling my heavy machine, quilting tools and projects each week. Our group met from noon until 3 each week and sometimes it felt like I had just got my machine set up when I had to turn around and put everything away. When the center opened back up, I did not return.

My friend Sue always asked if I was coming back as she has been going for the last year. I finally decided to return. In order to make things easier on myself, the first week back I brought my flea market flower quilt and hand stitched the binding on. No machine necessary! It was a nice relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

This week I really wanted to finish some Quilt for Kids projects. I just took them off the longarmer and all that needed to be done was the binding. I ended up hauling my machine. It was a lot to lug but I was happy to get the projects finished. 

I had a bunch of truck themed fabrics that had a panel print. I used my go-to pattern to make quilt tops that incorporated the panels. It was fun to work in such bright cheery colors. 

Even though it wasn't a big deal to pack up my sewing machine and take it to the senior center, I'm still going to try to leave the machine at home.


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