Lincoln Quilt WIP

Today I quilted my Lincoln quilt on the longarm. I used a pantograph called Alfalfa. I used a nice #50 So Fine thread in a subtle green called Grotto on the top and in the bobbin.


Sue's Quilt

On Monday Sue quilted her Quilts for Kids quilt on the longarm. Here she is as she is rolling the quilt to get to the last row.

Sue came to classes with me and I am happy to have her help me learn my way around the new machine. 

We go to quilt expos and open sews together and have enjoyed many years of friendship even way before quilting together. I am so glad to call her my friend.


Easy Addition Quilt WIP

I loaded my Easy Addition quilt on the longarm today. I used a pantograph called Kandinsky to quilt it. The pantograph was very large making this big quilt go quickly.


Tag-A-Long Quilt WIP

I loaded my Tagalong quilt on my machine yesterday and quilted it within a few hours. I used a nice large pantograph called Petal Power. It sure was fun to quilt on my new machine.


The Longarm is Here!

My machine was delivered today. It made for a stressful day as it took more than 5 hours for the job to be completed. The floor was pretty uneven so leveling the frame took the longest. Once that was accomplished, the rest went pretty easy. The other problem was that I didn't leave enough room for the frame. I followed the specs that were given to me however it did not take into consideration that there would be handles on the back for pantographs. That changed everything. So once we moved my sewing table, it was all good.

I left the ladies to do the entire set up without interruption. So I didn't take any photos of the process. So here's the only photo I took today. It's after fabric was loaded to practice on. I changed the pantograph a few times to try some out and that was enough for today.


Longarm Thread

This thread bundle came in the mail today. It was a part of the deal I got when I purchased my machine. It's exciting since I'm getting so close to having my longarm here. Today the thread comes and tomorrow I spend the entire day in class to learn how to use the machine. And the day after that the machine gets set up.

I didn't realize until this box came that Superior Threads makes so many kinds of threads.


What's on the design wall?

After a table runner marathon month, I look forward to moving on to my other projects. Although I still have 6 table runners quilted but not bound. They will have to wait because I need a break from them - ha!
Atlas fabric
I've been working on this quilt called Just Kisses at the senior center. I discovered that I enjoy my time at there more when I have a quilt project ready to go. So this project only gets worked on when I am there which is just one afternoon per week. After a month and a half of listening to the ladies say "are you STILL working on that?" I can finally say it's close to the finish line.

I made the 67 required blocks at the center however I do need a design wall to put the quilt top together. So my plan is to do the layout at home but sew the rows columns and rows together at the center.

I am really loving these blocks. The colors are not my usual selections. It's a pleasant reminder that I need to add more variety to the colors in my fabric stash.