Little Girl Apron Skirts

Toddler SkirtI've been in the mood to make little girl skirts lately.  I have so many pretty little prints that I could probably make at least 20 different skirts.  However, in an effort to use up some leftovers, I've decided to try out a new tutorial using the leftover fabric from some baby quilts I made last year.

The skirt tutorial I found is adorable.  I love when tutorials have multiple sizes and since I have two granddaughters, that means I don't have to do any calculating myself to adjust a pattern. So I made a size 2/3T and a size 4/5T as a start.  I will have the girls try them on before I make any more just to make sure I have the right fit.

Here are the finished skirts.  They were quick and easy to make and I hope my granddaughters like them because I sure want to make plenty more. The tutorial for these can be found here.

Toddler Skirt


Oak Creek Legion Post Craft Fair

A long time ago I agreed to rent a booth at the Oak Creek Legion Post's craft fair. At that time I made an assumption that said craft fair would be held sometime in the middle of September just like it always is.  So when I got the admission form I was surprised to see that the date of this year's craft fair as October 18th. So I never completed the form. In fact, I pretty much forgot about the entire thing.

A few weeks ago I got a call from the craft fair coordinator wondering if everything was ok since she didn't get my application yet.....AND she saved me an awesome space.  Rats!....the reason I never filled out the form was that I expected the fair to be held in September - before I had neck fusion surgery - not 9 days after that surgery.  Out of guilt I filled out the form and sent in my 20 bucks to pay for my saved spot.

Lucky for me, I had lots of inventory. I didn't really have to worry about rushing to make stuff, although I do admit it would be nice to have a wider selection of some things. So I did what little I could before surgery but was comfortable enough to attend as is.

After surgery my daughter and daughter-in-law volunteered to run the booth for me.  What a nice bonus. So my husband drove my display racks and inventory to the fair and set them up and the girls set up the craft items. I basically gave them instructions on using the credit card reader, my discounts and where the sale bags and business cards were and they were off and running.

It was nice that they didn't really need me because I sure was not ready to work the fair. In fact I think I will be laying low for some time.


Trick or Treat Bags

I've had some Halloween-themed fabric hanging around my sewing room for ages. Since I wasn't sure how ready I would be to sew after my cervical fusion surgery, I didn't really plan on doing much of anything, let alone sewing. But lo and behold, I found the energy (either that or the Vicodin is working really well) to make something smaller than a quilt. I found these cute trick or treat bags and an online tutorial to go with them so I thought I would give them a try.

Halloween BagI dug out my Halloween prints and my fusible interfacing and got started on some trick or treat bags. The instructions were easy to follow and even though my lack of strength made it a little difficult for me to work with all that interfacing, I must say it was totally worth it.  These bags are exactly as described, they close up nice and when you open them up wide, the sides stand up nice. I can already picture how nice it will be for the people in my neighborhood to easily toss candy right into the bag.

I hope my granddaughters like them. Unfortunately, the fabric combinations look much better (like they actually go together) in natural light than they do in the photo. I found the tutorial for them here if you would like to make some too.


Mini Superhero Capes

 I've been so busy making these little capes.  I got a request to make 25 of them with the letter 'I' for Innovation on the cape.  After delivery, I had to make 25 more.  When I got that order I made a large version so the facilitator of the project could actually wear it. And what do you know? He ordered 20 more!

So I finally remembered to take a photo of them before delivery. My next big project is prepping for a craft fair. It will be nice to work with a different color fabric for a little while. :)