The Friendship Bag

Quilted Mini Tote
I found this tutorial on a blog called p.s.iquilt. It was so cute I had to give it a try. I used scraps from a wall hanging I made so I didn't have to invest in any new fabric (**rats**!). I think I am going to make a bunch of these. I am also going to try a larger version as a lunch tote.


Iron Cupcake and the Cupcake Apron

My daughter, Jen enters a monthly contest called Iron Cupcake. Each month there's a specific theme, such as liquor, savory, spice, fruit, etc. for each month.

During the last month that she competed the theme was vegan/gluten free so she made a s'more cupcake with flourless chocolate cake cupcake in a graham cracker crust with homemade marshmallow topping. They were delicious. So I made her this cupcake apron to wear at the competitions.


Good Morning Pillow

I love to go through the clearance buttons. It's like an adventure to see what I can find, and not just for the cuteness or the deals but for how they can spark the imagination. I found some Mary Engelbreit buttons for 50 cents and I had to make something to attach them to. The buttons are on the back and now they seem pretty boring compared to this design so I didn't bother to include a photo of the buttons, just the inspiration from them.


A Thimbleberries Quilt

I don't know why I am compelled to make quilts in dark shades in August. But the colors are gorgeous, I love the dark reds, greens and blues. My all time favorites are the beiges though. Maybe on some subconscious level I try to work color into my beiges. It could be that the pastels of spring have worn out their welcome for me. Although I will never tire of the warm weather season. I guess I should try working with summer colors one of these days.

I always have company when I'm quilting. My kitty loves to pounce the thread as I baste the layers together. He constantly breaks my thread. So I usually have a few needles threaded and ready to go so when he wants to play, I'm ready.

He is a great quilting companion.


Catalog Copy

Pastel Patchwork Quilt
I saw a quilt just like this one in a Pottery Barn catalog. I loved how the colors were like a rainbow, soft, and flowing through the color wheel. And the white background is a great contrast, crisp and clean against the softness of the pastels. So instead of ordering the quilt, I made my own version. The really cool thing is that I only used fabrics that I had in my stash, except for the white. I didn't have enough white to complete something this size.