A Warm Quilt

Jeff mentioned that we could use a new bed quilt. The weather was getting chilly at night and he wanted something warm and comfy. After some thinking I decided to take my pretty little beige, scraps and make a quilt. Of course, I did not have enough scraps to come close to queen size but the idea gave me a good sense of direction on what this quilt was going to look like.

Once I dug out all of my beige, off-white, ecru, flowery little prints I realized that some of this fabric was almost 30 years
old. The reason some of it was still around is that these prints weren't exactly favorites of mine, probably something I bought to fill in around prettier fabrics at one time. I was bound and determined to use every last bit of it.
I cut the squares into triangles and started to make the rows. Incorporating the old with the new was fun and I could very easily stick in the not-so-favorite fabrics and they blended nicely without making me cringe with dislike. It was turning into a lovely, soft, warm looking quilt.

It didn't take me long to complete it, I think the cooler temperatures were a signal that I wanted this one done soon as well.


Back to Craft Fairs

I finally took the plunge. I bought craft fair booths. Not one but two so I jumped in with both feet, I paid for a booth at my church craft fair and another at my work's craft fair. Now I'm committed to making lots of inventory. I just wish I had more time.

I used to do craft fairs regularly but I stopped as the kid's events seem to take over. Now that they are grown, I am excited about getting back to it. I have really nice display racks that Jeff built for me. So I scrubbed them so they are clean and ready to go.