Booster Seat Cushion

oil cloth toddler seatThis is the booster seat cushion that was recently featured on SewCanShe's blog.  Maggie from over at Smashed Peas and Carrots created this tutorial.  She used tablecloths that she picked up cheap and cut them up.  I went to JoAnn's and bought 24 inches of vinyl coated fabric - I think it was oilcloth, I didn't really care, I just thought it was cute and would work for this project.  As soon as I completed it, I tossed it on the floor next to my granddaughter.  She was instantly drawn to its shiny-ness then when she touched it she liked the gushy-ness.  It is a hit!


Love the UPS Man

This came by UPS yesterday.  I am going to make Sweetwater's Zig Zag quilt using their Reunion fabric line.  And I know how unoriginal that is, but I just love the quilt on the pattern cover.  I did get get a little variation on the backing and the binding so it will look a little different but I adore the bunting fabric and I have a thing for printed numbers, letters, and words on fabric.  (I am trying desperately to hold back from buying Lu Summers' line.) 
I also had to buy the fat quarter collection of Charlie Brown Christmas prints, not sure what I will do with it yet but everything CB is a must for me.  And I got a Designer's Choice collection while I was at it called 10 Little Things.  Something for children in bright fabrics is always fun to make.

The ironic thing is that I really need to stop sewing for a while.  My sewing table is basically finished except it needs to be urethaned.  With better weather to open windows around here, it is time I get it done. And after all, I will be better off when it's finished; it's the last thing to do in my new sewing room.

I love a good sale.  The Fat Quarter Shop offered gift certificates for 20% off for Mothers' Day.  So I sent myself one then ordered enough to get the free shipping and paid for it with my gift certificate.  It felt a little like double dipping on a deal but a deal is a deal.


Fabric Basket

I made this basket from a tutorial from Pink Penguin.  It's a really small basket (9" x 6"), and I wish I would have used different fabric for the bottom.  The cute little students don't show like I wanted them to.  If it were bigger, I would have made sure the kids were visible when the basket is standing up. I will give it another whirl in a larger size. I think this would make a cute teacher gift.
patchwork basket


PatternFile Application Review

I found this app for my iPad called Pattern File. It seemed pretty cool. It's exactly as the name implies; it's a place to enter all your pattern numbers and the Pattern File database contains a photo of that pattern and all the yardage necessary (the same as the back of a pattern).  So I went to the website and set up a free account.  The account is free for 10 days, after that the price is $14.99 for the app and $4.00 per month fee.  Realistically, I cannot see spending that kind of money for a filing system when I can, although time-consuming, build my own using Access. At least with 10 days I can quickly give it a whirl. 

So on a Saturday night while watching the HBO movie of the week, I opened the program and started entering my patterns. Some of my patterns are very old but still useful so I will keep them for many more years. Surprisingly, the first number I entered was found in the database as a vitage pattern.  This is cool, it has the pattern envelope front and back just like what I was holding in my hand. So I started entering away. 

My excitement quickly waned when I realized that the stack of patterns that were found in the database was much smaller than the ones it couldn't find. So to give an accurate review, here are photos of my patterns.
These were found in Pattern File.
These were NOT found in Pattern File.
I would not recommend this software - too expensive and not useful without having all my patterns available.
I wonder if they will ever load these in their database.