T-Shirt Quilt Project

I took on a big quilt job last week. The client wants 5 t-shirt quilts made out of her grandfather's shirts. Each quilt will be a gift for family members who are all currently in the military. I received the shirts in 3 boxes packed full.  Here are two of the three boxes.

Cutting up the shirts to prep for making the blocks was fun. On these nice summer days I sat outside and did all my cutting.

I applied all the fusible interfacing on the blocks in just a few days. It will be a lot of work planning where to place each shirt so until then, I'm just going to enjoy this process.  

I will definitely have to have a plan to make sure each quilt has the same look and feel and there's fair distribution of shirts among all 5. That might be a little tricky. I'm glad they are not due until Christmas so I have some time to work on it.

I harvested all the potatoes from the garden today. I can't believe how big they got. I only grow a few in a small area and after looking at how nice they grew, I think I might want to expand to a bigger plot next year. 


Quilt Donations for Veterans

One of my co-workers from the quilt shop gave me a motorcycle themed quilt kit. It had all the fabrics and written instructions but no pictures of the finished quilt.  The instructions were well written so the picture didn't matter much. I put the blocks up on my design wall to see if they made sense so it all worked out.

The only problem was that I fussy cut all the motorcycle blocks as instructed, put them up on the design wall to see where they best fit, then proceeded to sew them together accidentally turning the blocks 90 degrees. So when looking at the finished rows, some of the motorcycles appeared sideways. I took apart the blocks in question and flipped them back the right way. 

I quilted it with variegated red and black thread which gave it a nice look on the black background fabric. 

The quilt was donated to the American Legion National Convention to raise money for veterans.

I also chose to make another red, white and blue quilt from my stack of donated fabrics. I didn't use a pattern, just a photo of a finished quilt. I cut the fabrics into 5-inch squares to make the top. 

I free-motion quilted this one and it will be raffled off in fall at a Legion Auxiliary event.


Finished Quilt Projects

I have so many carrots in my garden that I can pick a bunch like this one every single day. I love it. No matter what the will never go to waste around here. If they aren't eaten right away they will become jalapeno carrots. The cucumber in this photo was overlooked on the vine. I can't believe how hard it is to find them sometimes. I only have 1 cucumber plant but the vines are so hardy sometimes I just can't see them.

My sister is turning 60 this month so I made her a t-shirt for her birthday party. 

Here's my little helper. When I'm sewing she sits nicely on whatever quilt is loaded on the longarmer and when I am longarming, she sits on the sewing table and watches intently.

My poor boy is curled up in this new bed. All of a sudden he likes to be surrounded while he sleeps so I got this for him to enjoy.

I finished quilting and binding Her Maj this week. I love how it turned out. I don't know what I'm going to do with it. Maybe it will become a gift for a little girl.

I made this quilt using my Accuquilt cutter. I used the half square triangle die for all the blocks. Isn't it amazing how just turning the blocks different directions make a total different look? It was a fun experiment and will be a good quilt for Quilts for Kids.

I made this quilt using a 3-Yard Quilt Book pattern. It went together quickly and will be turned in at my next Quilt for Kids meeting.



I've had some success using my new Cricut Maker so I thought I would try my hand at making a t-shirt. Again, I go to YouTube to find some good advice on the vinyl products and how-to's. Then I headed over to Etsy to find this fun Barbenheimer graphic. I couldn't wait to make this shirt and it turned out great. 

It's amazing what happens when you follow the instructions, haha!

I enjoyed wearing the shirt when I took my granddaughter to see the Barbie movie. And what a great movie it was. I had so many memories of the Barbies depicted in the moving.  So much nostalgia. It was a great girl-power movie full of positives for little girls like Avery.

The same week we saw Barbie my husband and I went back to the theater to see Oppenheimer so I got to wear the shirt twice.