T-Shirt Quilt Project

I took on a big quilt job last week. The client wants 5 t-shirt quilts made out of her grandfather's shirts. Each quilt will be a gift for family members who are all currently in the military. I received the shirts in 3 boxes packed full.  Here are two of the three boxes.

Cutting up the shirts to prep for making the blocks was fun. On these nice summer days I sat outside and did all my cutting.

I applied all the fusible interfacing on the blocks in just a few days. It will be a lot of work planning where to place each shirt so until then, I'm just going to enjoy this process.  

I will definitely have to have a plan to make sure each quilt has the same look and feel and there's fair distribution of shirts among all 5. That might be a little tricky. I'm glad they are not due until Christmas so I have some time to work on it.

I harvested all the potatoes from the garden today. I can't believe how big they got. I only grow a few in a small area and after looking at how nice they grew, I think I might want to expand to a bigger plot next year. 

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