What's on the design wall?

After a table runner marathon month, I look forward to moving on to my other projects. Although I still have 6 table runners quilted but not bound. They will have to wait because I need a break from them - ha!
Atlas fabric
I've been working on this quilt called Just Kisses at the senior center. I discovered that I enjoy my time at there more when I have a quilt project ready to go. So this project only gets worked on when I am there which is just one afternoon per week. After a month and a half of listening to the ladies say "are you STILL working on that?" I can finally say it's close to the finish line.

I made the 67 required blocks at the center however I do need a design wall to put the quilt top together. So my plan is to do the layout at home but sew the rows columns and rows together at the center.

I am really loving these blocks. The colors are not my usual selections. It's a pleasant reminder that I need to add more variety to the colors in my fabric stash.

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