Positive Energy 100 Block QAL

I decided to join a quilt along and I got really excited about it. Then I discovered it happened last year. That explains why the price for the QAL was discounted. Even though it was from a year ago, the files and videos are all still available and the social media posts from the project tell me that many people are still finished their projects. So I'm all in.

After my first week I finished the first 10 blocks. 

And as of today, I finished the second group of 10 blocks. They were pretty easy so far but as I look ahead I see some applique and some bias trimmed blocks to come. I think I will set this project aside for the rest of the weekend and work on something else so I don't burn myself out.

I have a quilt I could longarm now but I'm struggling to pick a quilting design so I think I will let it sit. Instead, I decided to make up this Lori Holt block from her pattern Cut, Press, Sew, Quilt.

This was so quick to put together that I cut out the fabrics to make the Cut and Press blocks. It will be a lot of fun to finish all 4 of the blocks.

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