Quilts for Kids - Charm Square Quilt

I found a photo of a quilt on Pinterest and the only description that went along with the photo said that the quilt used charm squares. So I took the little information that I had, cut 5-inch squares of fabric in both a solid and prints and pieced half-square triangles out of them.

I made sure I used 4 different prints so when I made the blocks each one would have 4 unique triangles of floral in them. I cut 3-inch strips of a coordinating fabric to use as sashing and borders and viola! ... a charm square quilt.

I took the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and use fabrics that were floral prints but not necessarily from the same designer. I just made sure that they all had at least one color in common among all the prints. The result was a really cute, cheery, summery looking quilt. Cheery is always my goal when making something for Quilts for Kids.

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