What's on the design board?

I'm currently working on a quilt top that incorporates this planet-themed panel. I like my fabric choices so now it's just a matter of a layout. I am binge-watching Stranger Things while I sew these days. During 2017 I've finished up all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and all 5 seasons of Switched at Birth. That's a lot of binge-watching while sewing!

I am also working on a quilt for a contest. I signed up for this back in November but I seriously doubt that I will be able to meet the deadline for completing it. It was a tough year for sewing during the holidays. I will try to get this project done in time but I am not going to lose any sleep over it if I don't. After all, this is my year to do what I want - ha!

Happy 2018!

I woke up this morning to a chilly day - the temperature on our weather station reads -12. I wonder what it is with the wind chill. Since it's new year's day, there's nothing to do except watch college football. And boy is my husband ready!

I've been slowly putting the Christmas decorations away so things are looking a lot neater around here. The tree will come down at the end of the week so I will get to enjoy it for a little while longer. 

I did get a new piece of furniture for the dining room and that gave me the incentive to clean out the entire room. I now have a box of housewares ready to go to Purple Heart. It sure feels good. Which reminds me, I plan to do the 30-day de-clutter challenge as one of my new year's resolutions. I'm going to start this morning. There's a 2-drawer night stand in my bedroom that needs to be cleaned out first.
When I look back at my resolution from last year, there were 6 things I wanted to make. Of those 6, I completed 3, started but did not complete 1 and the other two never even got on the radar. Oh well.

As for this year I am reminded of a Seinfeld episode called "The Summer of George".  I want my own "it's all about me" time. Even though it didn't go so well for George, I am hopeful. I want to do some quality family things and enjoy time with my granddaughters while they still want to spend time with me. So I will be scaling back on some of my volunteer duties for a little while and take the time to create memories with them. I am in the process of booking a Disney trip right now. 


Missouri Star Disappoints

The Missouri Star Quilt Company's black Friday special was $200 and get a bolt of fabric free deal. I thought holy cow, that's a lot of fabric. Then my husband challenged me to get to $200. I did that easily and I placed the order. That was on the 24th of November. During the first week of December I got an apology email from them stating that they are way behind on filling their orders due to the volume and their inadequate inventory system which was being upgraded.

They did not waste any time in taking the money from my account back in November for my order.

On December 15th I received a notice in my email that the order had shipped. I got a notice that the box was left on my porch but it was not there. A few hours after that my neighbor called to tell me my package was left on their porch. Grrr!

When I opened the box, there was an apology note stating that this was a partial order blaming that bad inventory system. The packing slip only listed the items that were in the box. So I waited for the rest of the order.

Last week I got tired of waiting and I contacted the company to ask where the rest of my items were. I called the company during regular business hours and I got a message stating that I should call during regular business hours. Feeling somewhat frustrated, I sent an email. 2 days later I got a response saying sorry but your items are out of stock and that I will be getting a refund for the missing items. The refund came 2 more days after that.

It sure would have been nice if they offered me the opportunity to order something else in place of my missing items. But now if I want to order more, I have to pay shipping. More Grrr!  And what if I never contacted them? Even though I did get some really pretty things at great sale prices, I'm not sure I will order from them again after this experience.


Merry Christmas

The Christmas season went by way too fast.
Between cookie baking...

And holiday decorating...

And shopping and wrapping...
Add in some home improvements and before I knew it, it was all over. I must admit though, I will be happy to get back to some sewing however, my next big thing is getting my sewing machines tuned up.


Table Runners

I've finished quilting 3 table runners for a friend so she can give them as Christmas gifts. With preparing for Christmas, it's the most sewing I've done all month. I really enjoyed quilting these; I think doing small projects is a nice break from all the holiday hoopla.


Some Home Improvements

We're all decorated for the holidays. It was a pretty tough road to get here since I decided at the last minute to clean the carpets and paint the living room.
After I painted the room, I chose to paint the mantel around the fireplace too. It really needed an upgrade. However, I've yet to figure out what color to paint it. I put a coat of primer on and after I get used to the new wall color, I think I'll pick the mantel color.


Quilt Donation

I whipped up this simple quilt last week for a charity event. One of the ladies at the senior center is collecting quilts to take to the airport to give to sick kids that are going on an airplane ride. I think the details are a little more sophisticated than that but I wasn't feeling well when everyone was discussing it during an open sew session and I really wasn't paying attention. I did get the part where they stated that they wanted some handmade quilts.

I got out my stash of whimsical fabrics, cut some 5" squares and sewed 2 and a half-inch wide strips around the squares. I stitched the blocks together and added a 3 and a half-inch border around the whole thing. It is simple yet cute. I'm happy to add a donation to the sewing group's effort.


Sparkle Punch Quilt

I finished my Sparkle Punch quilt today. Yesterday I quilted it on the longarm machine at the senior center and today I sewed the binding on.

The quilt pattern for this quilt seems simple but it did have some complications. Each block had to be planned based on the blocks around it. The star points and centers had to match between blocks so the use of a design wall was very important. I am happy to report that I didn't have to unstitch any pieces between blocks - they all matched up correctly - yay!

I quilted this quilt using a pantograph called In The Clouds. It seemed like a good match for a quilt full of stars - ha!