New Coffee Station

A year ago I drew up a simple plan for a tall cabinet that wouldn't be terribly deep with two shelves in the middle. I really wanted to make it out of pallet boards and I want to call it a coffee station. Well, my husband took the plan and made his version from it. His idea was much nicer than mine. He made it out of oak and then proceeded to make a maple butcher block top for it.

I wanted it to hold all my kitchen appliances. My pressure cooker, slow cooker, stand mixer, and rice cooker all needed a home that was not my pantry. I have a nice pantry that would be a great place to hold the larger quantities of groceries that I purchase from Costco and Sam's Club however, it's hard to store things in there when it's full of kitchen goods.

So now I have this beautiful counter-height cabinet. And all those appliances fit behind those two doors nicely.
Now all I need is a new fancy coffee maker for the top and I can clear off my counter top too!


Ladders Quilt

I finished the binding on the ladders quilt today so I added the quilt label and washed it right away. Quilts for Kids quilts must be washed before turning them in so this one's ready to go. It may seem like a bad idea to place the freshly washed quilt on the frozen grass, but there's a piece of muslin fabric between the quilt and the ground so it's protected from getting dirty.

These little quilts are nice ways to use up those cute scraps and  I love working in these cheery colors.


What's on the design board?

Today there's nothing on the design board.

We took our granddaughters to Disney World for a week towards the end of February so quilting has taken a back seat. It was a wonderful yet exhausting and I am glad we had the opportunity to do something so magical for them. But now we're back to Wisconsin winter and everyday life.

I am starting off March by completing another Quilts for Kids quilt. Once I have this one completed I need to start thinking about prepping for a quilt retreat I am attending in early April. I am excited about going - it will be my first one.


Square in a Square Quilt

I have so much donated children's fabrics that I think I will never run out!

Whenever I run out of ideas for projects or if I'm between projects, I like to whip these up. They are easy to make and help me use up my very large stash of whimsical fabrics.

I love creating these when I'm in a creative slump. It makes me feel productive.

This will go to Quilts for Kids.


Little Girl Quilt

I made this quilt from a panel and some scrap fabrics left over from some of my other quilts. I didn't use a pattern or any instructions, I just winged it.

I really like the scrappy strips on the sides of this quilt.

This quilt will go to Quilts for Kids.


Postage Stamp Quilt

I made another postage stamp quilt from my leftover scraps. I keep a ziploc bag filled with 2" x 7" strips of scrap fabrics and when the bag gets pretty full, I stitch them together. I'm always amazed that they turn out so cute even though many of the fabrics don't really go together.

This one will go to Quilts for Kids.


Five Nights at Freddie's Travel Bag

After completing a small travel tote for one of my granddaughters, I had to make another for her sister. My oldest granddaughter has much different taste compared to her younger sister. One of her favorite things is the five nights at freddie's characters.

These horror-genre characters are not something that's available like Disney characters. So I had to improvise. I went online and downloaded photos of the fnaf characters and made a grouping of the photos.

I printed the grouping onto a piece of muslin using my little photo printer. I took the muslin fabric pieces and incorporated them into the travel bag. It turned out almost cute - I say almost because they are horror characters - ha ha!


Free-Motion Quilted Baby Quilt

I quilted this adorable baby quilt for a client today. The fabric is absolutely adorable. It's fabric I've never seen before and the client stated that she purchased it while she was up north on vacation. So I guess I won't be able to go looking for it around here.