Red White and Blue Quilts!

I mentioned that I got 18 yards of red white and blue fabrics through a donation. Well, I finally finished some of the quilts from that fabric.  Over the course of a few months I had made the quilt top. I stuck them in a pile to be longarmed and just left them there. 

Last week I had the opportunity to buy a single piece of fabric for 40% off. That's a big deal at the quilt shop so I purchased enough 108" wide backing fabric to complete 4 quilt tops. With 108" wide, I can get 4 quilts on the longarm with just 3 yards of fabric. What a bargain!

It didn't hurt that we're in a deep freeze here in Wisconsin so I wasn't going anywhere so I might as well get quilting.

I used Villa Rosa pattern cards Daybreak, Olympiad, and Phoebe for these quilts. I love those cards, the instructions are easy to follow and straightforward.

I had a great helper. Jordy is getting so big already. He's 4 months old now.

It felt good to finish them.

I still have a little bit of red white and blue fabric to make more and I am happy to say, not many more. 

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