Fons and Porter's 4-Patch House Quilt

Fons & Porter
I started this quilt last winter. The colors had such a cozy, warm-me-up-in-winter feel that I couldn't resist. And I love the checkerboard look.
The pattern is from one of Fons and Porter's books called Leftovers. I love most everything they do so it's always a struggle to decide which one to make next. But as summer came, I put it away even though I was almost done with the quilting. It was difficult to lay the large, flannel-backed quilt on my lap when it'w warm outside. It's hard to think of wintery things in the few warm months that we have so I packed it away until the summer ended. Then summer turned to fall, then turned to winter and I was reminded by the chilly nights that I could be spared if I would finish my house quilt. So I got it out and for a few hours over the past couple of weekends, I got it done. It's nice to get this off of my to-do list and even nicer to curl up in it on a cold night.

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