Time for a New Sewing Room

My spring project is going to take a little longer than I anticipated. I started by emptying my sewing room. It was very difficult to pack away my sewing machine. Then I had Jeff remove the cubicle which was so tedious - too many parts. I tore out the old dirty white carpet, ripped down the wallpaper and realized that this job is bigger than me. I hired a painter to repaint the room and ordered new carpet. I put in some high quality commercial carpet so it would be easy to keep tidy when I sew or paint or whatever crafty thing came up. I hope my patience holds out, it's going to be worth the wait.


  1. One of the smartest decisions I made when we built our house was to put industrial carpet in the room that was going to be designated as my home office/sewing room. 5 years in, and not a dent from rolling chairs anywhere to be found! It cleans nicely, too. Do we get "after" pictures?

  2. Kathy: Got your comment on my blog!! Check out my response at The new room is going to be awesome!!!!