The Sewing Room

We spent the first day of our 5-day holiday taking a trip to Ikea. It's only 70 miles away but since that 70 miles is through Chicago, it's not usually the most enjoyable of travels. I had an agenda so it was pretty easy to weave through the aisles (or aisle since the store seems to run in a big circle). We still enjoy looking through all the gadgets and doo-dads available for cheap so even with an agenda, we still spent a good 45 minutes on each of the three floors. I got a new bookcase and a little desk for my sewing room and I bought Chloe a dresser. The fun stuff was getting the organizer jars and boxes to hold all my sewing stuff in style. Once I have it all organized, I will post photos.
Ikea Shelf
This post is about the fun little shelf I found. It is meant to be a ledge to hold photos or art, where you lean the items against the wall. In Ikea language, it's called Ribba. I thought it would be a great way to hold up my new design board. The design board is large, but extremely light-weight. To my surprise, it's bulky size is making it annoying to move around so this little ledge-shelf seemed like a great way to keep the thing off the floor and give it a permanent place. So we placed the shelf 24 inches off the ground. It made the design board easy to reach from both the top and the bottom. I was worried that it might not lean enough to keep it up, but it worked out perfectly.

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