Jelly Rolls

The craft fair is over and when I signed up for it I had forgotten how tired I am at the end of the day.  Even though it's fun to sell the things I make and chat with people all day, it's exhausting.  As I put the display racks back in their corner in the garage all I can think of is how the next project I make is going to be just for me.  Don't know what it's going to be but I know I am going to use one of the really cool jelly rolls I have sitting on my shelf.  Those pretty things have been staring at me since I got them at a great sale.  On a good note, I made more cash than I thought I would and emptied two of my four bins of finish products.  I am not sure I will do another fair anytime soon - I think I need to concentrate on some house projects before I get back into obsessing about crafts like I have been over the last three months.  Luckily I have a patient husband. 

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