Splash Studio

Last night I went to an event at Splash Studio where we eat, drink and paint.  Splash Studio is a place in the Third Ward that combines a bar with art classes.  All the staff members studied work in college and have careers in art.  Jen had this event planned with her coworkers and she needed a few more people to get to the minimum number of guests necessary to hold the party. 

We all ordered drinks and socialized for a little while, then we got instructions from the staff.  We all donned art smocks and got some paint.  We were all painting the same thing so there were instructions on a chalkboard as to how much paint to put on our palettes. The paint was in gallon jugs with pumps to squirt the paint onto the palette. So the chalkboard instructed us to take 2 pumps of blue, 3 pumps of green, 1 white, etc.   We took our seats where the canvases were set up with a water container and 4 different sized paint brushes ready for use. 

The instructor started the class and we started with the blue sky followed by the green grass.  After painting those, we stopped to have pizza while the canvases dried.  Then we painted the clouds and trees. After that, we stopped for a drawing to win free drinks - again while the paint dried.  We finished up with the poppies and long grass.  The instructors took a group shot for their facebook page and we were on our way. 

Here are our paintings...

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