Jeff's New Quilt & Those Felt Balls

This post was supposed to be about the amazing quilt my daughter made for her dad.  Since I took the photo in a place that is not very well lit, it is hard to see the yellow letters on the quilt.  But is says 'We love our Green Bay Packers'.  And it's true, we do love them. She did an amazing job between the piecing, the applique and the hand quilting, it was definitely a labor of love that took a very long time to complete. My husband really does love it.
However, I noticed that I got a good shot of the felt balls that I strung up for the holiday.  I tried to just take a shot of them just hanging there but between the shadows they created and the bad angles from not having enough room to step back far enough, it was pretty impossible to get a good photo of them.  So here, you can sort of see the Christmasy colors strung up over the dining room doors.

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