Veterans' Day Tribute Table Topper

Veterans' Day
Heading to the Veterans' Day Parade
My husband is a proud Vietnam Era US Navy veteran.  As such, he is a member of the local Legion Post and a member of the Legion Riders, a motorcycle group of veterans. Both groups work to support veterans that need help. Through his involvement, I am a member of the American Legion Auxiliary and the Legion Riders as well. So together, we work at volunteer events like visiting and handing out little gifts at the VA Hospital (Zablocki Medical Center) and working to raise money for the construction of a Fisher House here in Milwaukee.  He loves everything we do when it comes to veterans' events.

One of his favorite things is riding his motorcycle in parades.  As a member of the Legion Riders, they get many requests to participate in parades throughout the year.  Meeting all the people who come out and hanging with other veterans is a lot of fun. This veterans' day we went out for lunch at the local Applebee's where veterans eat for free. The free food didn't matter, but hanging with other veterans did. He had such a great time.  So for my little part in his day, I made this cute little table topper for our coffee table.  It has Snoopy in uniform representing all the branches of the military.  I whipped it up just in time to celebrate the day.
Military Table Topper
Veterans' Day Tribute

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