Our Christmas Tree

Today we took our Christmas tree down.  I always have trouble doing that. It's so pretty and festive and I find it hard to let go.  I also have a little guilt regarding cutting down this beautiful living thing so I want to keep it in use for as long as possible.

For me, it's a little early; I usually take the tree down after the second week in January.  I just want to enjoy it for as long as possible but this year is different because I am having major surgery at the end of the month. So I need to get as much done as early as possible to prepare for the impending inactivity.

Today was a good day to take it down, the weather is going to head into a deep freeze and it's best to get it out the door before that - plus it will stand in the garden where the birds can use it for shelter when the frigid temps hit. So here is the last photo I took before letting it go.

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