A New Year

I don't think much about making resolutions when the new year comes around however, I do like to think of the new year as a time to make a fresh start. As I take stock in the past year I could very easily spiral into a funk. Between all the limitations placed on me in the past year both financially since I can't find a job and physically since the major surgeries on my spine have now limited my ability to function, it has been a very difficult year. I have given up so much but I do feel like a survivor.

I have had some good accomplishments over the past year, all things considered. I've actually finished some quilting projects that have been sitting for years and I learned how to make t-shirt quilts. I've also mastered the art of putting zippers in pouches correctly. I've cleaned out places in my house that seemed overwhelming to tackle. And all that feels good. I'm not one to make some long list of all the things I made over the year - that feels like showing off. I would rather just enjoy knowing that I've made some quilts and crafty things that were good enough that people actually wanted to buy them. And I've made my fair share of charity quilts for both Children's Hospital and the Veteran's Hospital. That's very satisfying.

But now it's time to start fresh. It's time to imagine a new year with new goals. I think goals are nicer than resolutions. They just feel friendlier. My main goal for this year is to build some strength. My body has taken a beating surgically and I want to put that all behind me. When it comes to sewing, my goal is to learn something new. Be brave and take on a project that would normally seem intimidating.

Here's to new beginnings!

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