Aviatrix Medallion - WIP

I've been in a creative glut. I've been wanting to start a new project for a very long time and I just haven't been inspired. That is one of the reasons I went to a quilt show yesterday; I was aching for a new project. And there it was...a completed Aviatrix Medallion quilt. And those gorgeous bundles just stacked there on the table.

I already had the pattern but not the ambition to pick out the fabrics so when I saw this bundle I knew I had to have it. Everything was in one neat stack ready to go.

I've never worked with all solids before so this will be new and I am totally looking forward to getting started. Finally! Inspiration is here!


  1. I've been wanting to start one too! Do you know where I could find the winter bundle by chance?! I can't find one anywhere...

    1. I'm sorry, I do not know where one can be purchased. I got my bundle at a quilt show and I can't even remember the vendor.

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