My Little Pony Valances

My Little Pony CurtainWith the completion of my painting project (the purple bedroom for my granddaughters), I am ready to work on the fun stuff. I am starting with valances for the windows. I have had a stash full of My Little Pony fabrics just for this occasion. So with a freshly painted purple room, I chose the most purple-ish of the pony fabrics to make the valances. I lined the insides with muslin so they would have more thickness and body to them and also to make them less see-through.

Once I got the valances done I couldn't wait to get some new curtain rods and hang them. I also wanted shades for their room. It seems like I spent the entire summer cleaning the blinds in my house so I thought my daughter would appreciate the shades over blinds as well. As luck would have it, our local hardware store just happened to have wall decals on sale for half-price at the same time I was purchasing curtain rods. I used that opportunity to buy some My Little Pony decals I've had my eye on for some time. They are so cute but a little on the expensive side so the only way I was going to get them was on sale. Perfect timing!
My Little Pony Curtain

My husband happily hung the new shades and the curtain rods on the windows and all I had to do was put up the valances and stick the decals on the walls. Since I wasn't sure where the furniture was going, I thought it was best to put the decals above the windows. They certainly would not be hidden behind tall furniture there!

I am happy with the results and I can't wait until my granddaughters see their new room. They have no idea we've been upgrading their new room. It will be quite the surprise.

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