Black Saturday

I did not plan on doing any Black Friday shopping. I was successful in that endeavor. Then came Saturday morning. It was 5:45 am when my husband asked me if I was heading out to any stores. I think he secretly loves Black Friday but he will never admit it. After all, he came home yesterday with tons of "deals" he found as he went out and about. I told him no, I was not planning on doing any shopping at all.

I don't know why, but I thought Joann Fabrics opened at 6 am today. After I told my husband I was not going shopping, he mentioned that I told him that quilting fabrics were 60% off which is very rare. And that's why he figured I was going to head out today. Like I said, he secretly likes shopping so I think he is disappointed that I don't enjoy it like he does. Then a funny thing happened...I looked at the clock and it was now 6:04 am and I got this crazy panicky feeling and a big sense of regret.

I hopped in the shower and told myself to get over it, there will always be another sale. I got dressed and headed back downstairs for breakfast and took out the newspaper. There was that darn Joanns flyer staring at me. As I looked at it I realized that the top of the Saturday page stated that the stores open at 9 today! I did not miss the sale at all. In fact, I am dressed and ready. As my resolve to stay home faded away, I got in the car and headed out just in time to be the third person in the door when they opened at 9. None of the other shoppers were after the quilting cottons so I had first pick.

It was a nice relaxing shopping experience, in fact everyone in the store was cheery. After having my giant pile of fabric cut, I perused the store for a very long time. After all, a deal is a deal. So here is my new stash items along with a $5.99 iron. I figured I would use that iron for fusibles. Even with using the protective pressing paper, sometimes I get goo on my good iron. Now maybe I can keep that iron cleaner.

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