Open Sew Project

Going to an open sew is a funny thing for me. I love hanging out with the ladies and we all share the projects that we're working on. Most of the women who attend take all the classes that are offered at the shop where we do the open sews. I do not take the classes so I don't share that experience. It seems that they all are finishing the projects that they started in the classes at the open sews. I, on the other had have to figure out what I'm going to work on while I am there. And I find that process a little stressful. 

Making sure I have everything I need packed and ready to go is hard enough. So I came up with a solution to my dilemma. I've decided to do this one project only at my open sew sessions. It uses a fabric line called Simplicity by 3 Sisters for Moda and a few other Moda fabrics that match nicely. I am using a pattern called 'Days of '47' from the book, Triple-Play Scrap Quilting by Nancy Allen. 

Triple-Play Scrap QuiltingThere are many pieces to cut in order to complete these blocks. Our open sews last about 3 hours and during one session, I got the fabrics cut and made this one block. Phew! Seriously, it was a lot of work because of all the pieces! I am happy with how pretty this first block turned out and I am looking forward to making the next 11.

Open Sew ProjectI sure hope I can keep track of which piece goes where since there are so many in making this block. I also finally broke down and purchased a project case just to carry my stuff to open sew. I started out bringing everything in a tote bag since I have so many of them. The problem with that was my pieces were getting squished and wrinkled and I had to re-iron them every time I went to use them. The plastic case keeps everthing a little less wrinkly.

So now going to open sews are stress-free. Just me and my little project and some nice company to sew with.

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