Days of '47 Quilt - WIP

Triple-Play Scrap Quilting
I finished sewing my quilt top together late last week and I finally have the opportunity to quilt it. I was so anxious to get to this point.

I used all the leftover pieces from the blocks to piece together the back instead of using one large fabric piece. So that process took a little longer than I had planned as well adding to my excitement to get to the quilting part.

Triple-Play Scrap QuiltingOnce I had my quilt top, batting and backing pinned together, I was ready to roll. I wound 3 bobbins full of a nice light pink thread and got started.

As soon as I quilted my first few blocks my little helper came to investigate. I think there's something about the hum of the machine and the vibration on the table top that attracts Ruxin to the quilts. He never cares much about my sewing until I am free-motion quilting. Then he is right there to help. And although I would worry if this were a client project, but I think he will be ok just hanging out with me.

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