Pickles, Tomatoes and Peppers!

It's been such a hot summer and my garden is thriving because of it. The tomatoes just keep coming as well as the peppers and the cucumbers.

I made pickles using many of my cucumbers and when I was done I still had more cucumbers left. It is amazing how much produce I get from a few plants.

This year I thought I would try brussels sprouts. They grew on these giant stalks and I had to pick them off one-by-one. It was hard work but they are a wonderful addition to my garden.

I also sliced green bell peppers and jalapenos and put them in the freezer for winter.

One of my favorite things to do with my harvest is can salsa. This year I blanched tomatoes all summer long and I have 4 gallon ziploc bags full of tomatoes in the freezer. I also made a case of salsa with the fresh tomatoes.

I still have carrots and cabbages growing and plan on canning jalapeno carrots and making spring rolls from scratch. I also have been picking raspberries all summer long. Once I have enough in the freezer, I will make more jam.

What a wonderful year!

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