Pokemon Pillowcase

My daughter bought some Pokemon fabric for my granddaughter Chloe. Chloe asked her mother to make her a pillowcase out of it. Of course, her mother promised her she would make it for her.

Then a few days went by.

Yesterday Chloe came over with her mother and had the fabric in her hand. I asked her why she had it and stated that I thought her mother was making her a pillowcase. Chloe proceeded to ask me to make it for her.

I looked at my daughter kind of puzzled and my daughter's response was that Chloe knew if she wanted it done soon, she better ask me.

That is one smart 6-year old.

So I promised her that I would finish it for her but she had to give me a day to get it done.

I had only made one pillowcase before and it was from a Sweetwater kit. I wasn't sure what the dimensions should be so I thought I would look it up. I remembered one of my sewing friends mentioning a technique that finished all the edges neatly called the burrito technique.  I had to give it a try.

The technique is very easy to do. The flange was pinned to the cuff, then the main fabric pinned to the edge of the cuff as well. Then the main fabric gets rolled up, the opposite end of the cuff is pulled up over the main fabric (like a burrito) and pinned to make a tube. You just stitch it all together then pull the rolled up fabric out of the end of the tube and viola! Then you fold the whole thing in half and stitch the edges. It literally took less than 15 minutes to make. I seriously think it took me longer to read the instructions than to actually make it.

I see many more of these in my future.

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