Strawberry Picking Time

Yesterday was the perfect day for strawberry picking. Even though it had rained the night before and we knew it might be a little wet and sloppy, the weather in the morning was perfect. My daughter and I decided to leave her girls home and just the two of us go. That way we would get it done a lot quicker. In less than an hour, she picked 9 pounds and I picked 12 pounds. It sure was quicker but not as much fun.

After I cleaned and packaged up all the berries, made a strawberry pie. It's my husband's favorite - except for lemon meringue. I think of the lemon pie as a winter thing and the strawberry pie as a summer thing. It just makes sense since the berries are so very fresh right now. They were nice and large and perfectly ripe. We chose the perfect day to go.

The pie was so very easy to make. I baked a pie crust, let it cool, filled the shell with a bunch of fresh berries, then poured some cooked berries over the top. A few hours in the fridge and viola! a beautiful summer pie. What could be easier.

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