Missouri Star Disappoints

The Missouri Star Quilt Company's black Friday special was $200 and get a bolt of fabric free deal. I thought holy cow, that's a lot of fabric. Then my husband challenged me to get to $200. I did that easily and I placed the order. That was on the 24th of November. During the first week of December I got an apology email from them stating that they are way behind on filling their orders due to the volume and their inadequate inventory system which was being upgraded.

They did not waste any time in taking the money from my account back in November for my order.

On December 15th I received a notice in my email that the order had shipped. I got a notice that the box was left on my porch but it was not there. A few hours after that my neighbor called to tell me my package was left on their porch. Grrr!

When I opened the box, there was an apology note stating that this was a partial order blaming that bad inventory system. The packing slip only listed the items that were in the box. So I waited for the rest of the order.

Last week I got tired of waiting and I contacted the company to ask where the rest of my items were. I called the company during regular business hours and I got a message stating that I should call during regular business hours. Feeling somewhat frustrated, I sent an email. 2 days later I got a response saying sorry but your items are out of stock and that I will be getting a refund for the missing items. The refund came 2 more days after that.

It sure would have been nice if they offered me the opportunity to order something else in place of my missing items. But now if I want to order more, I have to pay shipping. More Grrr!  And what if I never contacted them? Even though I did get some really pretty things at great sale prices, I'm not sure I will order from them again after this experience.

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  1. I ordered from them and had problems for the first time ever. I canceled my order because i ordered with plenty of time to get it before Christmas and they still hadn't shipped two weeks before