Simple Sudoku Quilt

I love Sudoku puzzles. They are quite the challenge. I’ve read studies where it’s been shown that doing these mind puzzles can help stave off Alzheimer’s. I sure hope that’s true because I love doing them and the bonus of thinking that I am exercising my mind takes away the guilt of spending time on them.

I found a free pattern online called Simple Sudoku Quilt. The pattern is at Craftsy and you can get it here. To understand how it works you have to know the sudoku concept where the puzzles have the numbers 1 through 9 that appear only once in a row across and once in a column down and once in a 9-patch grid. And there are 9 9-patch grids that contain a set of the numbers. The way it works is you cut 9 squares of 9 fabrics, number each fabric 1 through 9, solve the sudoku and place the fabrics on the appropriate number from the puzzle. There’s no thinking about fabric placement, the solved puzzle does all the work for you. What fun!

So here’s my sudoku quilt using gray fabric for the sashing to distinguish the 9-patch grids and some nice bright fabric on for the back.

I had a great time putting this together and it was the first quilt top I completed at the quilt retreat I attended a few weeks ago. All that is left to do now is to put a Quilts for Kids label on the back, wash it and send it off to the charity. I think I will make many more of these when I need a simple pattern for a quilt.

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