Sewing Machines for Sale

I decided it was time to let go of some of my favorite friends today. I posted my serger and my embroidery sewing machine for sale. It was very hard to let go of them but I knew they would be better off somewhere where they would be enjoyed. I just don't use them anymore. It took less than 8 hours to sell the serger. A woman who works at a local flag manufacturing company picked it up tonight.
The embroidery sewing machine is still for sale and hopefully it will go to a good home soon. I listed them both for sale on Craigslist and on some local Facebook sellers' pages. Both have had many inquiries and it just happened that the serger sold first. I think it's because I sold it for very little money. The sewing machine has a bit higher price tag on it so that one might take a little while to sell.

The sewing machine is quite the work horse. I saw one for sale for twice what I listed it for. I just want to see it get used.

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