Baking with my Granddaughters

My daughter went on a girlfriends' camping trip this weekend so we had our granddaughters, Chloe and Avery with us from Friday through Monday. One of the things on Chloe's agenda was baking a 'cake of chocolate', as she called it. Chloe is in the background frosting her 'cake of chocolate'.

We couldn't bake a cake for Chloe without baking one for Avery too. Avery prefers vanilla to chocolate so she had to have some fluffy white frosting for her cake.

Avery likes to be silly so before spreading out the frosting I had to take a funny photo of her. She had to add sprinkles to her cake after she frosted it too and Chloe had to add mini-chocolate chips to decorate the top of her cake.

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