Crazy Christmas Tree Table Runner

Cut Loose Press Oh What Fun Sandy GervaisI've had this table runner called the Crazy Christmas Tree Table Runner by Cut Loose pinned to my Pinterest board for a very long time. I finally purchased the pattern in October and bought a layer cake a few weeks ago that would work well with the pattern. The fabric line is called Oh What Fun by Sandy Gervais. The background was made using pieces from my low volume fabric collection.

It went together quickly although I found the instructions regarding cutting some of the background pieces rather confusing. In fact, I'm not sure I did it correctly but I made it work. I also learned about color placement while making this. Next time I will be more careful with how I sort the pieces that get sliced into sections. That way I won't have the same colors next to each other. like in the tree on the far right.

Another table runner I had saved in Pinterest is this one made using a half hexagon ruler. I decided to take a crack at it without any instructions. I took scraps of 4 different green fabrics and cut 2 half hexagons out of each piece. I then cut the same size half hexagons out of white background fabric. I cut the white half hexagons in half down the center of each piece. I sewed the white pieces to each side of the green tree pieces and then sewed them together in columns. I added an appliqued star to the center and a red border. I think it turned out pretty well considering I made it from a photo off the internet - ha!

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