A Summer Bazaar and Some Projects in the Works

I rented a space at a Summer Bazaar this past weekend. This is the only photo I took of my space. I was lucky enough to be so extremely busy that there was no time to sit back and take a photo while I was 'open for business'. What a great day it was!

The weather was perfect, the bazaar was very busy. I met many wonderful people and some friends stopped by to visit. Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband who helped me set everything up. It sure helps that he has a big truck to haul all my stuff. I don't know what I would do without him.

So that explains why I haven't had much to blog about - I've been spending lots of time making baby blankets, burp cloths, and rice/boo-boo bags to sell. They are my most popular items. 

I've had these blocks on my design wall for over a month. I took them down temporarily while I made the wedding quilt, but they're back up now to remind me to finish the project. Ha!

Lori Holt Blocks
I'm also working on a quilt called Flea Market Flowers by Lori Holt. 

Flea Market Flowers by Lori Holt

I've learned a lot about applique from making these blocks. The first block I made I ended up ripping the whole thing apart to re-do it because I just didn't like how it puckered when I sewed the flower onto the block. That's where I learned about Terial Magic. It is a fantastic product that when you spray it on your fabric and press it, the fabric feels like a piece of thick paper. 

Flea Market Flowers by Lori Holt

I pressed all the pieces with Terial Magic on them and re-stitched everything to the background and it lays perfectly flat. It is amazing.
Flea Market Flowers by Lori Holt

I have 4 blocks done so far. They are fun to make however, I must admit that after a while I get tired of sewing dresdens. There are so many pieces. I think this one will take me quite a while to do. 

Flea Market Flowers by Lori Holt

Flea Market Flowers by Lori Holt

I have two t-shirt quilts to make and I took an order for a lap quilt while I was at the bazaar. It's going to be a busy sewing summer. 

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