Lynn's T-Shirt Quilt

Jeff and I volunteer at my granddaughter's elementary school often. So often that we became friends with one of the administrative assistants. We see each other at the farmers' market every week, she comes to my  granddaughter's birthday parties, we've even had cocktails together at the local wine shop. That's why I did not mind saying yes to making a t-shirt quilt for her son's graduation. She was kind enough to ask me a year in advance so I had planned for it and I really enjoyed making this one. 

Instead of making all the blocks the same size I chose to try something new for me. I made 4 columns, each one a different width. I didn't worry about the height of each block so that made the rows look staggered. It was a great look.

There were some logos on sleeves so I made a row of them to incorporate into the back of the quilt.

I quilted it with a simple swirl that didn't distract from the blocks. 

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