Girl Scout Quilt & Minecraft Quilt

I finished these two quilts just in time for the holiday market. I've been hanging on to so much cute fabric that I really needed to start using it up. Sometimes I let my charity projects get in the way. At the last two events where I had a booth I sold more lap sized children's quilts than bigger ones so it makes sense to make some more.

I took a Girl Scout panel and just put some borders around it. It is so cute that it didn't need much embellishment or fancy blocks around it. 

I quilted it using a pantograph that has a lot of swirls and curls adding to the cuteness.

I found some cool swirly purple backing fabric at the quilt shop. It's a perfect compliment to the quilt top.

If it doesn't sell at the market I will probably find a reason to give it to a Girl Scout.

I got Minecraft themed fabric from our local Ben Franklin Store. It was going out of business and I spent two hours just loading my cart with lots of cute fabrics. I hate that it's not there anymore. I chose an easy pattern called Favorite Things that had large blocks to show off the focus print. 

Favorite Things Quilt Pattern

I have a really fun pantograph that was a perfect match to the fabrics. The backing is green shadow blush that picks up the many shades of green in the Minecraft print. 

I really enjoyed digging into my stash and feel inspired to make some more. 

Outside there's a hawk hanging around the back yard. We can always tell when it's near because the birds and squirrels all disappear. I spied its hangout - on the very top of a tree! What a pretty sight.

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