Chain Reaction Quilt

I completed this 3-yard quilt called chain reaction using some charity fabric I got from Quilts for Kids. They seem to have lots of fabrics with fish prints so I thought I would grab some to help get rid of it. It's quality fabric but it's been around for so long I'm pretty sure everyone is sick of working with it. I added some prints from my stash to give the fish some extra pop of color.

We made the decision last week to get an artificial tree. We've haven't had one since we had kids and the kids are way over 30 now so it's been a very long time. The reason for the change is the kitten. Our sweet little girls has so much energy we're pretty sure she would climb on the ceiling if she could. She gets into so much trouble sometimes we wonder what we were thinking. So a real tree would create quite a mess if she were to knock it over. 

She's hard to see, but she's in there. That's halfway up the tree. We put very few ornaments on the tree so she had less temptation. I think we made the right decision.

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