After-Thanksgiving 6AM Sale

I swore I was not getting up at the crack of dawn and going out into the hordes of shoppers this morning. After perusing the fliers after our Thanksgiving dinner, I determined there was nothing worth running out for. In fact, I had most of my Christmas shopping done so it was nice not to feel the pressure of needing that middle-of-the-night deal. The only thing that was tempting me was the JoAnn Fabrics 6AM specials which means I would be shopping for myself. They had flannel on sale for $1.49 per yard. An incredible deal, but I didn't really need it, so I decided that I would prefer to sleep in and enjoy a lazy morning. Then I heard my husband sneaking downstairs to head out for some 5AM early bird specials. I was wide awake. I knew there was no going back to sleep so I got up, threw on some clothes and headed out. I got to the store at 5:54 and there were approximately 12 other women waiting. The doors open and we all politely waited our turns to get a cart and scattered through the store. I went right to the flannel and loaded my cart. I got in the cutting line, which already went up an entire aisle. As it turned out, it took longer to get the fabric cut than it did to wait in line. I had 29 bolts, 85 yards of fabric cut in all. It was a great shopping day.

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