Build a Quilt Workshop

Basic QuiltI signed up for an online build a quilt workshop through a quilting blogger. I wanted to get more ideas on how to use precuts; the class required the use of a charm pack. I got the fabric from my local quilt shop and started the class. The instructor promised instructions in a post each Wednesday. 

As this was an online class, everything would be handled through the comments on a private Flickr site and photos of progress would be posted there.  I had a bad feeling about this when no one seemed interested in posting progress after the first week of class.  I posted a sepia version of my layout (part of the class exercise that was a way to view color value) and it didn't look that great to me; I didn't get any comments on how to make it better. There were over 20 people signed up for the class, but no one was posting. By the fourth week, even the instructor stopped posting instructions.  I was interested in finishing so I sent comments asking when more instructions were coming and I sent emails to her main email address. I even sent her an email and asked her for my money back since she wasn't finishing the class.  Nothing.  This class started October 1 and the last post was October 25.

As the blogger/instructor kept posting new projects to her own site, I was getting more and more annoyed.  Finally on December 30 she posed the question on Facebook, "How about a new class? Anyone interested?"  I immediately responded...How about you finish the one you started?  And wouldn't you know it - all of a sudden the class got a response.

Here it is:
i posted the last set of instructions, but i must not have confirmed the post or something.
i had zero clue that the last set of instructions weren't available until kathy said something on facebook a few minutes ago.
i hadn't gotten any admin alerts about this group or anything.

Funny thing, the last set of instructions wasn't the only thing missing, there was more than the one class missed and she posted all the missing classes on December 30.  She didn't get ANY alerts from the comments I sent, from the emails I sent or from the Paypal refund request I made either.  I tried at least 6 times in 6 weeks. In the end an apology would have been nice. So it's finished now and the lesson learned is not to take classes from instructors who have little skill in handling a classroom setting.

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